If you’re wondering whether a choice is wise or not, don’t search your mind for a rational argument. Instead, hold each option in your attention, then feel its effect on your body and emotions. When something’s wrong for you, you’ll feel constriction and tightness. The wise choice leads to feelings of liberation, even exhilaration.
~ Martha Beck ~


For quite a while I’d been feeling a sensation near my heart activate from time to time. I wasn’t sure what it was, but it didn’t feel right. It wasn’t a physical thing either.
The other day it dawned on me what was happening. It was a manifestation of my gravity. My personal gravity.
So that, if ever I’d begin to be carried away by a very cool idea or such, the gravity sensation would increase and distract me – in effect pulling me back to normal.
“no expansion for you little sir”

Since then, when it does its thing I smile and say hello to it.
This will be an ongoing unfoldment.
More to come ….


Sometimes, in the process of moving into something new (that I want) – a pull back to the old (that I’m tired of being and want to move on) – will happen. And it can give pause and even tug on my heart strings!
Ah, the workings of the mind …


The sensory perception referred to in that acronym is not, really, extra.
It is as much part of our basic package as a nose.
At this moment, we’re moving through space at something like 67,000 mph.
Can you feel it?
There are always things going on in Life outside the job description of our “5 senses”. Countless things.
Can you feel WiFi?
Is it real?
The only reason this 6th Sense, as it is called, got dubbed so mysterious … is the compelling nature of Earthworld to draw attention outward. Lots ah stuff going on out there.
But beyond the magnificence of the 3 dimensions are worlds and worlds to Creation.
We all know that. We just forgot.