Martha Does It Again

The inner voice of social conditioning doesn’t just speak in words; it shouts them. “Do it my way! Do not screw this up!” By contrast, inner wisdom is stillness itself. If you’re waiting for wisdom to outscream paranoia, get comfortable. It’s gonna be a long wait.
Martha Beck


A wonderful practice.
Yesterday I was about 1/2 way through an hour float and a bunch of stuff had decompressed and cleared out.
Feeling very open when The Voice whispered, “Just say I Love You. Everything else is stupid”.
A small jet of ha bubbled into loud laughter in moments. Shared what happened with the practitioner and we were both cracking up.
“Just say I Love You. Everything else is stupid”.
What a sense of humor.

The Delusional World

I wonder if we focused on how safe we were, and that there’s something beating our heart, how many things we’d have that would create an abundance for ourselves that would not ever make problems exist? Not in the same way (as a worried mind will) at least.

Kyle Cease

Teflon and Velcro

Sticky bullshit vs transient elation.
What is it about this world that allows the former to perpetuate
and the latter to feel fleeting?
I don’t know, but I’m sick of it.
What if every negative thought/feeling was a complete waste of time?
Just a captivating distraction from a greater reality
All together now, ala Chubby Checker – 1, 2,
Come on Baby ….
Let’s do-o the Shift