It is invisible
It hides behind molecules
A sheath of collected no’s
(the nay-sayer)
It moves without sound
So a part of me, it goes unnoticed
Evading detection

A fleeting feeling
A reminder of unseen limit

Maybe my subconscious? My id? My mind?
Maybe there’s no name for it.
But it knows my every move, every thought
Every dream
It permeates my psyche
Takes up no space at all
Travels light
But holds all the baggage and can weigh my heart down in an instant
For a long time too …

But …

I saw it tonight.
The first time I’d ever seen it that way
In a moment of clarity, epiphany
I was outside of it
Looking back at it
And there it was,
no shape or color
Just a presence
A presence that had been there this whole time

But I was outside IT now
Feeling a freedom I’d felt before, but never realized,
IT was the reason the Feeling fades

I was outside of it
And I saw it
Its real (but doesn’t seem to like being recognized)

The music changed
The dance will go on.
But now, more

~ Experienced in the Lifeworks Winter Solstice Meditation 12/20/11 ~