So I’m pulling into the parking lot at the grocery store – and at the right side of the crosswalk is a father and 4 year old daughter, waiting to cross. I stop and motion to the dad – go ahead. He nods back thanks, takes her hand and they start across.
She was a star. She’d been watching this transpire and when she saw me motion they should go .. she lit up.
As they crossed in front of my car she kept peeking at me … until finally when they got to the driver’s side she turned, and with a huge grin, in the cutest 4 year old voice ever, said (at fine volume:),
“Thank you for letting us cr-o-o-o-oss!”.
(omg!) …. “my pleasure”
The dad smiled. my heart melted, she waved, they walked on and wouldn’t it be nice if pedestrian encounters were kinda like that more often. It gave the nicest vibe to rest of the evening.
… Out of the mouth of babes 🙂