“If you have 5 minutes. Sit quietly. Imagine the light that lives in your soul. Let the light grow until it surrounds your entire body. Keep breathing deeply. Now let the light grow to surround your apartment, your house, your town, your country, your planet. Sit with the image of a large, warm benevolent light surrounding all living things.
Keep breathing deeply. Now come back to your center. Imagine your body growing roots deep into the earth. Imagine your spirit beginning to nourish the deepest soil. Allow this light to pulse through your hands, legs, head. Breath into right now. Notice the tree outside your window. It has lived for 100 of years. It sees you now and knows the winds will change but the roots hold fast. We, like the tree can weather anything if our roots stay grounded. We too will provide nourishment and shade for many years to come. Breath deeply, my sweet loves. Breath. You are loved. You are safe. You are light.”

Kelley Marie Wolff